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The sweetest dream will never do. [21 Sep 2008|10:36pm]
Hullo thar. Right now I'm: in LIS with Deanna; Treasure Hunting; racing; semi-talking to Jojo; and listening to iTunes. Woot woot! I'm also sick, with some sporadic head cold. It's teh suck, and I just took some Tussin CF, so hopefully the stuffy nose and sneezing will go down.

I found 500 gems, and was able to claim my (googly)Spider! I named her Shelob, after the spider in LOTR :) I'm uploading a screen-shot now to show my habitat.


Woo! And if you look at my profile picture, that would be Marbles laying down in a brown paper bag. She is one odd cat :P

So.. I dunno :P I have two tests coming up next week, and.. I haven't started studying for either. I've been too busy trying to get this darn Spider :P And now that I have her, I of course want to keep looking for a Legendary Ya-Rubly. *pause to blow nose* Lovely. It's sore from blowing it all day, ugh. I do have Vaseline to put on it, but it's not helping too much since I have to keep blowing my nose anyway.

Heroes starts tomorrow! And, True Blood was on today! Yummm, Bill Compton. The hour it was on went by wayyy too fast. One Tree Hill is also on tomorrow, and I still haven't watched last weeks episode :/ AND THEN.. Tuesday is 90210, and I'm two episodes behind on that! My gosh. I just can't keep up. I've been working the nights that they're on, and I haven't had the desire to sit down and watch them on the computer. I'm going to have to ask my dad if he can help me hook my VCR up to my Cable box.

I think I'm gonna go downstairs to get more OJ soon. I have work tomorrow :/ Ugh. I really should get some sleep, but I probably won't go to bed until 12.. maybe 1 if someone else comes into chat after Deanna leaves. I know she'll be leaving soon - her parents will make her get off the computer :P

I suppose that's a big enough update? I dunno, I really don't have much to say. I went to Venus with Wendi and Emily for lunch yesterday. I got a chicken salad sandwich with bacon on toasted whole wheat, and matzo ball soup! It was really yummy. I stole some french fries from Emily, keke. Today I wasn't really allowed a break 'cause I only work 3 hours, but I went in for maybe 5 minutes and had some cake. That was yummy, too :P Josephine is too funny - we were getting ready to leave the Staff Lounge, and she was standing there cleaning the crumbs off the table, and cleaning off the smudges on the BOX the cake came in. Like, srsly Josephine :P So Sarah and I walked over, and started pointing out all the little crumbs she missed on the table, rofl.

Sarah is a nut. She kept going to the stack across from me, sticking her arm through the stack, and pushing my books off of the shelf! Lols. I felt bad, 'cause some girl was sitting a few feet away from us trying to study.. and we were making a ton of noise! Oh well. I'm sure she didn't mind the distraction ;D It looked like she was studying Psychology.

Okay, how about I suggest some topics now to talk about next time!

• Heroes Season Premiere
• Results of the Treasure Hunt - IF I don't write again until October, lols.
• Whether or not this cold is life threatening - Ay dios!
• What books I've read - Who has time to read?!
• New music interests?
• Umm.. I'll think of something >.>
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Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand. [15 Sep 2008|09:54pm]
I was going to be a bum and c+p the entire entry I just posted on Xanga, but decided against it. I suppose that means this won't be as long as it should be, considering I haven't written anything important in forever, but.. deal with it :P

I will, however, link to my Xanga.

I mostly complained about school, and errors on (fluff)Friends. What else is new :P

I sort of have Spanish homework I need to work on, but as usual I'm at the computer.

Ftw! Treasure is buried here!
You have found a total of 219 gems so far in the (fluff)Friends Treasure Hunt, and you currently have 19 Ya-Wobbloons.

Lol, so I only have a measly 19 because I just traded in 200 for a Croc O'Dyle :O I named him Jack, and I've decided he's going to be Tobias' new BFF ♥

Let's see - music update? :P I've been listening to The National, and Steven Jablonsky. Oh, and Coldplay - Viva La Vida. I can keep that song on Repeat for hours :)

TV update - 90210, True Blood (♥), One Tree Hill, George Lopez (whenever I catch it on), Heroes (SOON!), Supernatural (New Season this week!) aaand I believe that's it. I haven't figured out how to connect my VCR to my Cablebox, so I wasn't able to tape anything last week. But, everything is always available online that I'm not worrying about it :P

Movie update - TRANSFORMERS. ♥♥♥♥♥

Book update - Um, I read Breaking Dawn in August and wasn't too thrilled with it. After thinking about it for a while, I've come to the conclusion that it's my least favorite book of the series. O.o Twilight being my favorite ^_^ And HOLLER at Twilight coming out in theatres in November! I'm so frickin' excited. I'm planning on seeing it with Emily, Wendi, and Dana :D Speaking of, Wendi asked me if I wanted to join her for lunch on Saturday, so we're going to see if Dana wants to drive to the library and come with us XD We'll probably go to Venus, since it's right next door. As usual, you can look at my Good Reads account to see what I'm reading/what I'd like to read :P

I.. think this is enough for now. Seriously, I'm going to like.. glue a note to my forehead saying that I need to update this *at least* once a week. I'd prefer to update LJ than Xanga, 'cause I never was that into Xanga. Well, I suppose I was.. in Middle School :P

Kay, so. Talk to you soon! (I hope)!

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[03 Apr 2008|02:13am]
Hi. It's been two months and my life hasn't changed. It's insane how many people I have met on Fluff, and how many I have on my MSN!

Okies. I have a message to send out to people regarding a gift we're going to get for Mike! 'Cause he's the awesomest.

I'll... try to update this later? :/
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Do you carry every sadness with you? [04 Aug 2006|05:36pm]
[ mood | delighted. ]


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